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Looking For Flooring Installers in Jacksonville Fl?

fWhen it comes to hiring a flooring contractor, it can be a challenging and sometimes a headache trying to decipher who really is qualified to work on your home.

The reality is that there is a ton of contractors out there that you can hire, however, are they really the right fit for you?

Here are a few things you want to look at when it comes to choosing an expert floor installer:

Difference Between Value and Price for Flooring Installation

The saying is true; “you get what you pay for.” If you are looking for the cheapest prices for getting your floor installed, you can be setting yourself up for a low quality flooring installation service provider. It has been our experience when a customer goes for the lowest price, they end up paying for it down the road and usually it ends up being double what they originally paid.

Be sure to do your deligence in doing research and making sure the flooring contractors you are considering are experienced and are capable of providing you the highest quality installation possible.

flooring contractor in Jacksonville Fl

Our Process

When you connect with one of our flooring contractors in Jacksonville Fl, there is a process that we go by to ensure a seamless experience for you. Here’s how it works in a nutshell:

Schedule Appointment

We will set a time to come to your home to listen to what your vision is and what your needs are. And we arrive on time!

Submit A Estimate

We will then put together a detailed flooring estimate covering everything that is needed to accomplish your vision.

Start On Time

Once an agreement is made, we will start on the scheduled date and work until we are completely done.

Quality Inspection

Once we are finished, we will do a punch walk with you to ensure you are completely satisfied.

Final Approval

After we are finished with the punch list and everything meets your approval, we are off to another project.

Still, Not Sure Our Floor Installation Services Are For You? Here Are Some More Reasons To Just Give Us A Go:

Tony & Warren do great work, they are flexible and their follow up is just as good. They did a complete remodel for me including all new kitchen, baths, flooring, paint, scraping popcorn ceilings, etc. The price was fair, finished on time and they cleaned up nicely.

Dana H.

Tony did an amazing job on our new house. We originally hired Tony to put a fresh coat of paint in our existing house walls and trim prior to selling (which looked beautiful), but they were so capable and reasonably priced that they ended up doing so much more.

In our newer house, they removed plain tile from the entire ground floor and replaced it with beautiful wood floors throughout, including changing carpeted stairs to wood stair steps and rises with a perfect stain job. They also built a custom built-in surrounding a new stonewall fireplace we had installed and they built it exactly per the magazine picture I provided.

What made them outstanding to work with was that he provided me status updates throughout the project via text and pictures since we weren’t living in the new house yet. He was the only contractor to do that, so he ended up helping me keep tabs on the progress of the other contractors. And, he knew when to include us in key decisions and made it easy for us to quickly and timely make those decisions (e.g. sending pictures of cabinet handles, selecting paint and stain colors at Sherwin Williams, etc).

The payment process was also very easy. Tony is very genuine, hardworking and we really enjoyed working with and will definitely work with again if they’re not too busy. 

Joanne M.

These guys exceeded my expectations. They did excellent work, on time and in the budget. I highly recommend this company.

Linda M.

An Expert Contractor Has You Covered

When it comes to getting your flooring installed, you want to be sure whomever you are considering to hire, they are covered with liability insurance. This ensures you that they are a legitimate company and reliable. When you go for the cheapest price, it usually means that “contractor” is not insured and in hiring them you are taking a big risk. Remember, these professionals are coming into your home and you want to make sure they respect YOUR home with having all their “ducks in a row.”

There are many other things to consider when hiring a qualified flooring expert in the Greater Jacksonville area. If you are looking to get a flooring estimate, reach out to us and we will connect with you with the best flooring contractor local to you so you can start the conversation about your flooring project.


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